Share Kisses, Cuddles Not the Chemicals

There's nothing more exquisite than kisses and cuddles with your bubs, skin that is so tender and soft that you marvel at how pure and perfect they are. When it comes to caring for delicate baby skin the choices can be overwhelming, add to this your own skin care routine, which needs to be quick and effective, and it can become daunting.

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Not all Parabens are bad!

Parabens have had a lot of bad press over the recent years but they aren’t all bad. I blame the media for getting people in a tizzy over them and putting the pressure on cosmetic companies to remove their parabens from products.

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Beauty Trends 2017

CIDESCO Sections Report on 2017 Beauty Trends from around the world

2016 saw the beauty industry steadily rise as consumers across the world purchased more products than ever before. Whether seeking solace in a new moisturiser post-election in the USA or Brexit, glamming up for the party season or simply investing in our skin or wellbeing, people from all around the world continued to invest in their personal appearance..

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South Korea’s Skincare & Makeup Trends Decoded

Fast-paced innovation in facial skin care and make-up and highly engaged consumers drive growth of South Korea’s buoyant beauty market, estimated at just over US$13 billion in 2017. A new research from Mintel shines a spotlight on South Korea’s beauty market, the beauty trends impacting the global beauty industry and the latest innovations in textures, ingredients and product experience.

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Microbeads & Chemical Pollutants

A collaboration between Australia's RMIT University and China's Hainan University showed up to 12.5 per cent of the chemical pollutants on microbeads passed into the fish that eat them. Once the chemical pollutants are in the food chain, they can accumulate as bigger fish eat bigger fish that are eventually eaten by humans..

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Luxury glass: From the lightest to the heaviest

With environmental on the one hand and the search for luxurious effects, leading makers of high-end glass had to demonstrate their ability to address opposite trends.

While concerns for the environment stimulate the reduction of the weight of glass, the quest for excellence leads to the creation of increasingly heavy bottles with very thick walls.

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100% Natural Exfoliants: Your Plastic Free Alternative

Regular Exfoliation without the Pollutants

Many exfoliants (and toothpastes) contain tiny microbeads of plastic, and we now know they’re a major pollutant. Washed down our drains they are tiny enough to pass through our water filtration systems to end-up in rivers and oceans worldwide.

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Nail Trend of 2017

It’s hard to fathom the fact that just a few years ago, Pinterest was hardly even part of our lives. As the social platform has risen in popularity, it has become a go-to destination for all things trending.

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Nail Painting Challenge Raises $2M for Charity

A terminally ill Dutch boy has dared people all over the world to paint their nails for a cause. Diagnosed with brain cancer in May, Tijn Kolsteren has raised over $2.1 million with his nail painting challenge, which will be donated to the Red Cross as apart of an annual campaign by Serious Request 3FM.

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Paint La Poodles Like A Pro

Elsbeth Schuetz, Celebrity Manicurist to Hollywood stars has crafted these incredible Poodle nails using ORLY La La Land Collection and has shared step by step instructions on how to create……. You can change out the colours and create your own trendy poodles.

1. Prep the natural nail and apply base coat. Apply two coats of GelFX Forget Me Not and cure.

2. With a detailer brush, paint three large drops of GelFX Point Blanche and cure.

3. Mix GelFX Point Blanche with cornstarch to form a thicker paste. With the tip of the detailer brush, apply fur-like texture and cure. Use a larger ball of cornstarch and gel mix to form the nose, then cure.

4. Use the tip of the brush or an orangewood stick to apply bows and color using GelFX As Seen On TV and Cool in California. Cure. Use GelFx Liquid Vinyl to color eyes and nose. Dab on Anything Goes wherever your dog needs sparkle. Cure and finish with a super thin layer of top coat.