Paint La Poodles Like A Pro

Elsbeth Schuetz, Celebrity Manicurist to Hollywood stars has crafted these incredible Poodle nails using ORLY La La Land Collection and has shared step by step instructions on how to create……. You can change out the colours and create your own trendy poodles.

1. Prep the natural nail and apply base coat. Apply two coats of GelFX Forget Me Not and cure.

2. With a detailer brush, paint three large drops of GelFX Point Blanche and cure.

3. Mix GelFX Point Blanche with cornstarch to form a thicker paste. With the tip of the detailer brush, apply fur-like texture and cure. Use a larger ball of cornstarch and gel mix to form the nose, then cure.

4. Use the tip of the brush or an orangewood stick to apply bows and color using GelFX As Seen On TV and Cool in California. Cure. Use GelFx Liquid Vinyl to color eyes and nose. Dab on Anything Goes wherever your dog needs sparkle. Cure and finish with a super thin layer of top coat.

How To Create Ice Cream Cones

Available in both lacquer and GelFX formulas, the Orly Coastal Crush collection features six bright hues perfect for summer nail designs.

Prep the nail. Apply GelFX Basecoat* and cure for 30 seconds under an LED lamp. Apply two coats of Under The Stars, curing after each. Thicken Pointe Blanche* by mixing it with a pinch of cornstarch, then use a detail brush to paint a cone shape at the tip of the nail. Use an orangewood stick to create a criss-cross design. Then, use a detail brush to apply more Pointe Blanche mixture to the “rim.” Cure.

Use a detail brush to place a large dot of Surfer Dude above the cone. Drag the polish toward the tip to create drips. Cure.

Use a detail brush to paint a small swirl of Pointe Blanche on top of the “ice cream.” Cure. Next, use a dotting tool to create “sprinkles” with Summer Fling and Sea You Soon. Cure. Apply Topcoat* and cure. To finish, use 3-in-1 Cleanser* and a lint-free wipe to remove the tacky layer.

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