As therapists we never stop learning.  We go to beauty school or college and learn the basic skills that will equip us for the rest of our careers.  

The beauty industry is constantly changing, new products are developed, new treatments are sought and new technologies drive the way our salons operate and our customers think.  Of course your customers believe everything they read on the internet, don't they?

 This is why it is important that we keep up to date with what the latest technologies involve, what the newest beauty trends are and which new products are being launched as well as understanding what the latest 'buzz' words are that are being banded around on social media, it makes us look professional and competent.  

So why don't some therapists or salons invest in their CPD?

When I visit salons or therapists to do their product knowledge training, it's natural that I talk about Continuing Professional Development.  It's something that I'm very passionate about and believe and all too often I get confronted with the lines; "oh no, I can't afford to do XYZ training because it would mean; closing the salon for the day, losing money, paying a staff member to go, etc, etc"  

Yes, I have heard it all before and to me it's just an excuse and being short sighted of the salon owner or individual about their future and the future of their business and with that attitude I agree with them, they will lose money and won't be able to develop their business.

Ok, so lets do the math on this.  

  • A day in the salon may earn you $1000 before overheads and expenses
  • Overheads for the day probably cost you $50
  • Paying a therapist for the day $120 - $140 
  • Total earned $810 - 830 - a reasonable amount.  
  • But what if you could double or triple your earnings?  

Now, lets compare this to what you could earn if you invested some time and money, we'll use the Dermal Planing course as an example as it is an increasingly popular salon treatment and it has high margins

  • Dermal Planing course (including kit & gst)  $372
  • Cost of travelling to the venue   $100 - probably more if you are flying
  • Amount you would have earned had you stayed in the salon for the day    $830
  • Total amount invested:   $1300  A reasonable amount wouldn't you say? 
  • Now lets work out your return on your investment (ROI). 

If you charged $85 for your dermal planing treatments it would take you approximately 15 treatments to recoup your $1300, which is very achievable.  So now lets work out what the potential for profit is.  

Let us suppose that after you have recouped your costs you do ten dermal planing treatments a month for the rest of the year, that would equate to 120 treatments which equates to $10,200.

If you are passionate about what you do you would have also retailed to your client at the end of each treatment thus increasing your profits further, possibly to an extra $15,000 or more on top of what your salon would normally do over the year.  So what would an extra $15,000 do for your business?  

Now $1300 doesn't seem such of an expense after all does it?  So why aren't you booking yourself or your staff on to more CPD workshops?  Surely it makes good business sense?

Investing a little time and effort in yourself can be really rewarding for you and your business and next time you think you 'can't afford it' think again and do the math and imagine what potential your business could achieve if you chose to invest in your professional development. 

We have a variety of CPD workshops running throughout the year, so why not consider booking yourself on to  a couple.  

Check out our CPD workshops on our website: www/

Our dermal planing workshops are for experienced therapists and are scheduled throughout the year.