The Institute of Personal Care Science, an Australia-based organisation dedicated to the education of the personal care industry around the world, has identified the 3 top trends in cosmetics formulation for 2017.

#1: Customisation

“Consumers want product to suit them, matching their lifestyle, their skin, their tone, their look. When it comes to developments in 2017, think about how you can customise, or provide a customisation option, for your consumer,” recommends the Institute of Personal Care Science.

Customisation options for cosmetic formulations include:

Customisable bases with optional actives. A base serum, cream or crème-gel formulated to suit a target market can be complemented with concentrated ‘active’ serums to add to the base to suite specific skin needs at any given moment. For example, when their skin is feeling dry, customers can add drops of a ‘hydrating serum’ to the base. “Make sure your base addresses key concerns in general such as anti-pollution but provide active concentrates with easy dispensing units and clear instructions for true customisation and a happy consumer,” says the Institute of Personal Care Science.

Colour cosmetics should also become customisable in 2017.

For instance, cosmetics makers can provide a multi-colour palette with instructional on-line videos on how to make lipstick pinks and reds ‘hotter’ or more ‘muted’. They can also create foundations (liquid and/or powder) that can be adjusted to be slightly lighter or darker depending on consumers’ skin tone depending on the season.

Scents will not be left aside the customisation trend this year. For instance, scents can be modified by the consumer with small additions of concentrates to adapt a base to their daily moods.

Eventually, the Institute of Personal Care Science, forecasts an explosion of apps that will enable customers to ‘try before they buy’ in a virtual reality space, and will be tailored to help self-selection of the best actives, colour and scent.

#2: Sustainability

This trend has been growing in recent years and will become a mainstay this year. So cosmetics makers need to incorporate their sustainability message into their general marketing and company philosophies.

“Using sustainably sourced materials is a must moving forward; but adding to this message are other environmentally and/or community focussed messages. From greening up your carbon footprint, using materials that ‘give back’ and even making a point of your recycled packaging, make sure your marketing provides the sustainability message of your brand as a mainstay from 2017 on,” says the Institute of Personal Care Scienc.

#3: Sweat/Wear Proof make-up

The use of film formers to enable make-up to withstand exercise and be selfie-ready at a moments’ notice is really taking off. This trend is especially prevalent in the major growth area of colour cosmetics: Asian trend setting women from 20 right through to 35 who also have the highest social media use and exploration of colour cosmetics. Cosmetics makers should provide them with fantastic sweat/wear proof make-up to take them from the gym through the day and into the night with interesting YouTube footage (and even an app!) to really capture their attention.

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