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folder Cuccio Powder Polishing Dipping System

Dipping System

Cuccio Pro Powder Polish™ Nail Colour Dip System is designed for easy application to give your clients up to 14 days of professional nail colour with the wearability of a gel and the durability of an acrylic.

No timers, no drying time, no odour, this system is the simpliest application system in the market with over 100 trendsetting colours to choose from.



folder MATIS Homme

"We also have the right to perfect skin"

folder MatisCity & Essential Micellar Water

MatisCity & Micellar

Exit pollution, your skin breathes finally...



pdf Celtine Beauty Catalogue 1 December 2017 Popular

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Celtine Beauty Catalogue 1 December 2017.pdf

Wild With Excitement

Our new catalogue encompasses information on all our key brands and associated support products.

If you would like more detailed information on any of our products please talk with your Account Manager or call our customer services team on 0800 88 34 34 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We would love to hear from you.

pdf emerginC December Travel Kits Popular

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emerginC Travel Kits Point of Sale (1).pdf

pdf emerginC November Skin Thirsty Countercard Purchase Hyper Vitalizer Cream & Receive Vitality Mask Free Popular

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November - Skin Thirsty Countercard - Purchase Hyper-Vitalizer Cream & Receive Vitality Mask Free.pdf

pdf Evis Blue Light Therapy LED Acne Treatment Device Popular

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Evis Blue Light Therapy - LED Acne Treatment Device.pdf

pdf Evis Red Light Therapy LED Anti Aging Treatment Device Popular

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Evis Red Light Therapy - LED Anti-Aging Treatment Device.pdf

pdf IDERMed Micro Lifting Peel Popular

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iDERMed Micro Lifting Peel.pdf

pdf IDERMed Soothing Peel Announcement October 2017

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iDERMed Soothing Peel Announcement October 2017.pdf

pdf IDERMed Travel Packs POS Popular

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iDERMed Travel Packs POS.pdf

pdf Matis 48220 Bee Cream Poster

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Matis - 48220 - Bee Cream Poster.pdf

pdf Matis Limited Edition Bee Cream

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Matis Limited Edition Bee Cream.pdf

pdf Mother's Day Catalogue April 2018 Popular

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Mother's Day Catalogue April 2018 .pdf

pdf ORLY Product Catalogue December 2017 Popular

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ORLY Product Catalogue December 2017.pdf

ORLY Catalogue



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