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  1. Ashleigh Olson
  2. Skincare
  3. Wednesday, 07 June 2017
I've written up this information to put out there for people who want to get their skin as close to perfect as possible for a big event- whether it be for a school ball or their wedding, It's so frustrating when clients expect you to be able to wave a magic wand and they have clear skin! I would love to have any feedback or additional tips!


How To Start: (asap!)

“To get your skin wedding-ready, it’s good to start as soon as possible.  Start getting regular facials with exfoliation and extractions to purge impurities.  Working with a professional Beauty Therapist—someone who knows your skin and is sensitive to what your skin can tolerate is very helpful.  Not only will a beauty therapist be able to evaluate your skin and then provide you with the necessary personalized treatments, she can also direct your at-home skincare routine.”

About One Month Before The Wedding

“Go on a peel series with your therapist. A peel series is typically once a week for 4 – 5 weeks. It’s good to ask your therapist what kind of peels she offers.  Try to avoid glycolic acid if possible, as it is the among the most inflammatory of all the Alpha Hydroxy Acids.

Stick with a good blended layer peel or lactic acid-a mild AHA peel is always a good start too! Also treatments like Dermal Planing allow the products to penetrate a lot deeper into your skin.
or if you don’t/can’t seek a professional’s help:

Start doing gentle (gentle!) at-home exfoliation.  Try three times a week for the first couple of weeks; then every other day the last week before your wedding.  You don't want to over-stimulate your Sebaceous Glands (oil production) and become congested.  You can blend (dilute) a scrub with your cleanser or use a gentle 5% lactic acid.”

“The Key To Glowing Skin Is Hydration—Internally and Externally.”

“Hydrating and moisturizing sound like they mean the same thing, but—at least in the beauty industry—they don’t.  Moisture has to do with putting oil(s) into the skin; hydrating puts water into the skin. Drinking plenty of water is a MUST, aim for 2Litres per day-try it with lemon to help aid the detoxing process in your skin and body!  Moisturizing isn’t good for all skin types or climates so make sure you get one that works well with your skin type and your environment.

Hydration and exfoliation make for glowing, dewy skin.  So: drink lots of water and avoid dehydrating beverages like coffee and alcohol.  For external hydration, find a hydrating mask.  Your therapist can prescribe one that’s right for your skin; she’ll also have access to the better ones.  If you are acne-prone, exfoliation and hydration are still good for you, but look for a hydrating mask that is non-comedogenic; it’ll be more jelly-like rather than creamy.

What Else Complements Your Newly-Radiant Skin
1. Well-shaped and tinted eyebrows
2. Teeth-whitening
Consider them little helpers.

If You Break Out More Than Five Days Before The Wedding …

“If it’s just one or two spots (not a big breakout): Clean your face then run a washcloth under the hottest tap water you can get, and put it on the affected spots for 5-10 minutes.  The hot compress will help bring it to the surface.  Then you can use two q-tips to extract it, or you can take tissue and wrap it around your fingers and gently try to extract it, or using an extraction needle gently take the "top" off and extract.  Follow this up with an antibacterial compress like your toner, benzoyl-peroxide, or other acne spot-treatments.

If You Break Out Less Than Five Days Before The Occasion, LEAVE IT ALONE!
“A scab looks worse under makeup than a zit does.”

Additional Tips For Men’s Skincare

“The same basic skincare information applies, but because men shave—and breakouts and rashes from shaving are especially unflattering in person and on-camera—there are some special notes just for guys.
Only exfoliate at night, or as far away from shaving as possible.

Use a tea tree oil hair conditioner as a shave medium or put a few drops of tea tree oil into a cup of aloe vera for an anti-bacterial (but still soothing!) aftershave.
Men shouldn’t overlook their eyebrows either, just don’t overdo it!
Great post.. hopefully will be beneficial for other therapists clients
  1. Celtine Beauty Team
  2. 2 years ago
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Janice Tong Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Thanks for the article.
Internal factors such as supplements, healthy food, reducing stress & good sleep. Are all things to add. I know before my wedding I had to concentrate on the above to get my skin perfect. Along side the Facials and crorrect Skincare. ?
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  1. more than a month ago
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Karen Dawson Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
What excellent advise. I am really interested in what you are saying about skin that breaks out. Perhaps you could share more information on that topic. For example, should teenage breakout be treated different from women's hormonal breakout due to menopause?
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  1. more than a month ago
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