Hot Stone

Takes a massage to the next level by warm and hot stones as an extension of the masseuse’s hands. Contrasting temperatures manipulate the contraction and dilation of muscle, moving fluid between tissue, improves circulation and aids repair and relief. This technique can be combined with deep tissue massage for a detox! Warming up the muscles allows the therapist to work more deeply faster relieving stiff and tired muscles. Wouldn’t recommend if sunburnt, don’t enjoy heat or medication that thins the blood.Swedish

This massage has a specific set of massage movements – rubbing, kneading, sliding, percussion and vibration. Traditional Swedish Massage also incorporates assisted stretching and bending of joints. This technique can be combined with body wraps and aromatherapy. Perfect as a mood enhancer and if you’re wanting a great night’s sleep. Wouldn’t recommend if have severe muscular pain.

Deep Tissue

Stretching of the connective tissue or fascia that supports and surrounds all muscle, bone, organs and nerves throughout the body. To penetrate to the deepest level possible, the therapist will use fingers, hands and forearm to give the best possible result. A great option for those wanting to release scar tissue caused by poor posture, repetitive motions, injury or inflammation and can result in full movement being restored. Ideal for those who want to loosen up muscles from sports or jobs that require sitting at a desk for long periods of time. Choose a certified therapist who has learnt the techniques as this shouldn’t be a painful experience although you may feel a little soreness.

Thai Massage

There are 2 types of Thai massage, traditional and ancient. This massage includes a traditional combination of point pressure, energy meridian work and yoga like stretching and can incorporate aromatherapy by adding in oils to the massage. It increases circulation, gives temporary relief of pain, provides a sense of well-being, and promotes relaxation. This is not a lie face down type of massage so it that’s not your thing this isn’t for you!


The basis of reflexology is that there are ‘reflex’ areas primarily on the feet and hands that correspond with specific glands, organs and other parts of the body. For example the chest is around the ball of the foot and the tips of the fingers relate to the head, sinuses and brains. If you have a sore area then let your therapist know what it is so they can pay attention to that area for you. If you like people playing with your feet or going through palliative care this is a good option for you. So not a go if you are ticklish!

Lymphatic Massage

Also known as lymphatic drainage is a technique developed in Germany originally to treat lymphedema where fluid accumulates after lymph nodes when removed after surgery such as a mastectomy. It is recognised to promote healing and shake off fatigue by increase the lymphatic system’s ability to remove toxins. The massage involves gentle rubs, strokes, taps or pushes the skin in the direction that followings the lymphatic system encouraging it to move along. If you experience localised swelling you need to get clearance from your gp before this massage.